Corporate Social Responsibility: How Timken Moves Our World Forward, For Good Timken treats employees, communities and the environment with respect, and is formalizing its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility. Cecilly Kelleher (shown here) is a 2017 scholarship winner studying pre-med at The Ohio State University.

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Around Timken World: North Canton, Ohio, U.S.A.

“Timken offers a collaborative work environment with a focus on succeeding as a team. It means a lot that I truly like my colleagues, many have become close friends. They’re among the smartest, most dedicated people I know.”

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Shannon Slish
Manager - Global Customer Service

"Throughout our 120-year history, Timken has operated with ethics, integrity and an unwavering commitment to move our world forward through our innovations and actions. Timken associates demonstrate our dedication every day and everywhere we do business."

John M. Timken Jr. Chairman, Board of Directors

Bearings are present in nearly every machine that moves, and the global bearings market size is currently more than $102.2 billion. Engineers are behind every bearing design that helps the world move forward.
Work That Matters

Mike Kotzalas – Director, Global Customer Engineering - Application Engineering

Mike started his 20-year career at Timken as a product development engineer and today is known as THE global authority on bearing design. Published more than two dozen times, he co-authored the book used to educate new engineers in the American Bearing Manufacturers Association’s (ABMA) Essential and Advanced Concepts course. Mike is proof that if you want to rise to the top of your profession, Timken will help you achieve it.

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Around Timken World: Jampshedpur, India

"No company grooms its employees to emerge as thorough professionals and future leaders as passionately as Timken."

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Aakash Dubey
Senior Manager - Manufacturing Planning
Making a Difference

What we do makes impacts nearly every person on the planet. Our solutions help deliver power to our homes; enable travel by air, rail and road; and support the infrastructure that makes modern life possible. CEO Rich Kyle explains.

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Core Values

We’re committed to staying true to our values and doing right by our associates, customers and all stakeholders. We’re proud to have been named one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies by Ethisphere for a ninth time, and we will continue to live up to that standard everywhere we do business.

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Belt failures are second only to flat tires when it comes to stopping a UTV in its tracks.
Work That Matters

Bryce Curl – R&D Powersports Technician

Bryce takes what he learns during utility vehicle (UTV) test drives and shares it with our engineering team. They use his findings to advance belt designs across our line, from powersports to agriculture. For example, our wide range of belts feature various specially-formulated rubber compounds and extra-strong cord to reduce the chance of a snapped belt as UTV drivers race to the finish line, or farmers harvest their crops. No matter the industry, the goal is always uptime.

Bryce joins our other 18,000 associates who do work that matters, and we are always looking for more problem solvers. Check out our current career opportunities here .

Around Timken World: Fulton, Illinois, U.S.A.

"I love Timken because of its culture. I come to work every day and feel like I personally can make an impact. In this environment, I know that I have a voice in making decisions, and I go home feeling a sense of personal accomplishment."

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Dita Wilcox
Supply Chain Analyst - Drives

Wheel bearings can reach 350˚F during a stock car race—negatively impacting grease life, car performance and finishing order.

Work That Matters

Ben Pearch – Principal Application Engineer

Ben helped develop our lightweight RacePac® wheel end assemblies, which run 30 percent cooler than competing designs. Teams at the highest level of motorsports use Timken RacePac hub assemblies with enhanced fuel efficient bearings because when victory is determined by fractions of a second, every bit counts.

Cooler wheel end assemblies live here.

Around Timken World: Sao Paulo, Brazil

"A Timken é uma empresa internacional com um bom ambiente de trabalho e oportunidades de crescimento. Somos uma empresa muito transparente e ética, com uma marca forte conhecida por produtos de qualidade."

"Timken is a global company with a good work environment and growth opportunities. We are a very transparent and ethical company with a strong brand known for quality products."

Claudia Santos
Business Development Manager

Wind energy generates 539 GW* of electric power globally each year — 5% of demand, and growing.

*World Wind Energy Association
Work That Matters

Doug Lucas – Advanced Engineering Technologist

Doug helps keep 26-story wind turbines like this one in motion. When he’s not providing technical consultation in the field or providing input on the development of new wind technologies, Doug collaborates with teammates to share technical knowledge across the industry. He co-authored this recent Wind Systems Magazine article, which discusses how special bearing coatings can reduce steel-on-steel contact, lower maintenance and repair costs, and ultimately help make wind a more viable renewable energy source.

Around Timken World: Timken China, Xiangtan



"Timken is committed to our core value of Ethics
and Integrity. Whether we interact with our colleagues,
suppliers or customers, we practice this guiding principle."

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Zhou Jie
Sr. Metrology Engineer

Sales by Geography

Demand for Timken products and solutions continues to grow around the globe. We operate where our customers need us, from North America to Europe and throughout Asia and Latin America.

Around Timken World: World Headquarters, Ohio, U.S.A.

"The thing I appreciate most about Timken is our ethics. It relates to my own value system, and I believe it is especially important in the sales function. Customers really respect the integrity of our brand and the quality of our products."

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"Uma das coisas que mais valorizo na Timken é nossa ética que está totalmente relacionada aos meu valores pessoais e a qual acredito ser muito importante na função de vendas. Os clientes realmente respeitam a integridade de nossa marca e a qualidade de nossos produtos."

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Fabiana Maggico-Henry
Global Marketing Manager

“Our strongest asset — our people — are dedicated to delivering quality everywhere we do business.”

Rich Kyle President & CEO
Around Timken World: Timken India, Bangalore

"Fresh out of college with lot of energy and enthusiasm, I was looking for a challenging workplace, and I found that in Timken. It has been eight wonderful years filled with new challenges, opportunities and lots of learning. I always felt I belonged here. Timken is a brand of trust and pride for me."

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Sharad Dhawale
Head - Sourcing, Materials Planning/Scheduling

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